Who are we?

Code Convo is the website to give and receive feedback on your coding projects! In other words, this is the perfect website to keep sharpening your programming toolset. If you love code, you'll love this website!

GitHub Linking

With our state of the art GitHub linking all you'll have to do is post the link to your GitHub repository, and we'll handle the rest. This will leave you more time to comment, and receive feedback instead of worrying about copying, pasting, and trying to explain your code out of context. On Code Convo, you can ask the comprenhensive questions you've been dying to ask, but never had the tools for.

screenshot of GitHub linking with CodeConvo.com

Comment System

The great thing about Code Convo is that everyone has an incentive to give and receive feedback. Our comment system is based on a points system. Want some feedback on your new project? Great! Just make a post to start out, and you can begin receiving feedback. Want feedback on another project? You'll need to earn some Convo Points by giving some feedback to someone else. Every comment you make on someone else's post that is above 350 characters will net you one point. What this means is that everyone gets great feedback when they post!

screenshot of Code Convo commenting system

No Exploitative Posts

At Code Convo, we have a healthy moderation system. If 4 or more users flag a comment or post, that post will go through our moderation system, where our systems will decide whether or not that post needs to be removed, the post needs to be closed from further comment, or that further action is required by our administrators. At Code Convo, we pride ourselves on a healthy vibrant community, and we want to do whatever we can to keep our users safe on our website.

Girl points to Code Convo website.